Founded in 2000 in Helsinki, the international performance company Oblivia is a unique force on the Finnish performance scene. Oblivia’s collectively devised, interdisciplinary and minimalist performances merge the boundaries of art forms and nationalities. The background of Oblivias members from Finland and UK are in music, dance and text. This mixture creates a vibrant and special tension and humour in the work. From the beginning the core members have been working together creating a common performance language. Guest collaborators are invited to partake in individual projects.

Oblivia was house artist at the Kiasma Theatre in Helsinki for the Entertainment Island project 2008-2010.

Entertainment Island took Oblivia other important collaborators: PACT Zollverein in Essen, Germany and Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow (UK). Entertainment Island has been touring internationally and received great acclaim. In 2011 Oblivia was chosen as one of the companies of the year in the Tanz Year book by Esther Boldt.

During the years 2012-2016 Oblivia build Museum of Postmodern Art (MOPMA), which concists of 5 performances:  MOPMA pt 1 (PACT Zollverein, 2012) Super B (2013), Kaboom (2014), The Rave (Mad House Helsinki, 2015) and Do be do – MOPMA 5 (Cirko, Helsinki 2016). MOPMA became the autobiography of Oblivia.

Working process

Oblivia’s working process begins with a grand idea. One that is so grand at first that it seems impossible to handle. Through diligent and persistent deliberation we begin to filter our grand idea until it becomes tangible. Through this filtering we aim to arrive at the crux of the subject matter. Our process is dense and layered yet what we present on stage is minimal and spare. However, one soon becomes aware of the traces that remain and how the process is woven into the structure of the work. Ours is a process of observation, of seeing and connecting and finding ways to communicate our concerns and concepts through performance. We work with methods of devising, creative responses, collective work and improvisation.

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Annika Tudeer (FIN)
founder/artistic director/performer 2000–
After working as a dancer/choreographer, Annika completed her MA in literature at Helsinki University. She worked as a dance and performance critic writing extensively on new trends in the performing arts, thus receiving a broad understanding of the European dance and performance scene.

Timo Fredriksson (FIN)
performer 2000–
Timo is a classical pianist graduated from the Sibelius Academy. He started working with Oblivia in 2000 as a musician and has since been drawn into performing and devising the work.

Mikko Bredenberg (FIN)
performer 2016–

Meri Ekola (FIN)
light designer 2010–
Meri received her M.A. in lighting design from the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, in Finland. She has gained experience by working both in the wide field of performing arts and architectural lighting design. In each production she seeks to find a specific role for lighting and use it as an expressive medium.

Alice Ferl (D)
sound designer/performer 2017–
Alice is a performer and sound artist. After her studies of Applied Theatre Sciences in Gießen and Reykjavík she has founded her own company LUKAS UND and collaborated with numerous groups in Germany and Switzerland such as Monster Truck, bigNOTWENDIGKEIT, Marcel Schwald and Drama Köln. She is realizing theater pieces, audio walks and installational performances.

Tua Helve (FIN),
costume designer 2015–
Solo performances in 2015, Annika gör Svansjön and Annika’s Sacre, were Tua’s first collaborations with Oblivia. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Aalto University, Department of Film, Television and Scenography.Her doctoral dissertation focuses on costume design for contemporary dance in Finland. She has an MA degree (2008, clothing design) at the University of Lapland. focus on Finnish contemporary dance costume design.

Anna-Maija Terävä (FIN)
performer 2014–
Anski is a Helsinki based dancer and performer. She gratuated from the North Karelian College in Outokumpu in 2002 and has worked as a dancer/performer since then. Ka-Boom was her first cooperation with Oblivia.

Marina Andersson-Rahikka (FIN)
production & tour manager

Jenny Nordlund (FIN)
communications & development


Anna Krzystek (UK)
performer 2000–13
Anna is a Glasgow based performer and choreographer. She has been with Oblivia since 2000 devising and performing the work.

Magnus Logi Kristinsson (FIN/IS)
performer 2005-07;
Magnus, born in Iceland, has been creating solo performances since 1999.

Monika Hartl (GER/FIN)
costume designer 2014
Monika graduated from Universität fuer Angewandte Kunst Wien in 2005 and Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu Helsinki in 2009.

Juuso Voltti (FIN)
sound designer
Juuso is a songwriter and composer specializing in theatre and film music. He has graduated from The Theatre Academy of Finland as a sound designer (MA) and as a classical composer from Estonian Academy of Music (BA).

Pia Pettersson
graphic designer