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Super B – MOPMA 2

Super B

Back in the day, when the curtains of the theatre opened, the stage presented itself as a battlefield of good against bad, beauty against ugliness, intelligence against stupidity, reason against madness, god against devil, science against religion, man against woman. Audiences got used to the perfection of the cathartic machinery of the Enlightenment. Here they were, nailed down to their numbered seats, surrounded by darkness and doomed to passivity. Longing for the beautiful resolution in the end. But what if there was no curtain any more? And what if the peripety never came to an end? Or the whole thing began with a cathartic moment, a beauty that is just there to be thrown into the dustbin? And what if dramaturgy was suspended by squeezing its conceptual paradigms into every single moment of theatrical action?

In Super B, OBLIVIA turn their view on the theatrical process upside down. After exploring the dangerous shallows of pop culture in Entertainment Island and post-modernity’s secret codes of desire and oblivion in MOPMA 1, OBLIVIA is embarking on a new adventure: to question and explore the remains of theatricality in the performing arts. SUPER B is not about presenting or representing these remains. And it is not about taking the audience on a museum tour. OBLIVIA look at the leftovers of theatre not with child-like curiosity, but with a sneaky wink in their eyes. A hypertrophic attempt at gluing good and bad together again – and mending the wounds that postmodernism has inflicted on them.

The Finnish premier of Super B, the second performance in the series Museum of Postmodern Art will be at LUME in Helsinki 14–15.11 during the Baltic Circle Festival. World premier at Bastard festival, Avantgarden, Norway in September 10-11.9.2013.

Working group:
devising & on stage: Timo Fredriksson, Anna Krzystek (UK) & Annika Tudeer
sound: Juuso Voltti
light: Meri Ekola
photography: Eija Mäkivuoti
graphic design: Pia Pettersson
production manager: Oblivia/ Marina Andersson-Rahikka, Passanten GMBH/Christian Koch
co-production: Avantgarden (N), Baltic Circle (FIN)
supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Svenska kulturfonden, City of Helsinki Cultural Office

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Technical Rider – All-in-one (Stage, Lighting & Audio Requirements) |  Download PDF