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Credits: Meri Ekola, Kleines Haus.

Obsession’s Diary


This was the event we have all been waiting for, that was dreamed of and feared in advance. And later of course stories are told and legends are born.

The 21st of October happened the first Bauprobe in Oblivia’s history. We were invited to experiment Theatre Bremen stage “Kleines Haus” from 10am to 12.30pm where the premier of Obsessions will take place in February. We spent these two and half hours everyone in their style, trying to grasp the essential from the moment. This felt very special, to have a real Bauprobe, something they do in institutions, something so unfamiliar to us! It felt before hand that we have no idea how to behave in this kind of situation, so we asked our production assistant Josef to go through each step how a Bauprobe should be proceeded the night before. We were listening him carefully and were reassured. We can do it, we can do it, we can do it as the mantra we entered the stage next morning.

There were so many people, all the departments and all the elements of the performance were presented, props, costumes, stage, orchestra, light, sound, video, make-up, actors, singers, probably also audience, cantine, cleaning, parking, everything belonging to the theatre, taking care of the theatre and making the theatre, ready to receive tasks, responsibilities, demands. This was so overwhelming! At some point we asked people to come on stage, to substitute the performers, musicians and singers, to let us have a look at our future stage. Small laughters here and there while taking places, maybe feeling a bit uncomfortable and surprised of the request. But there they were standing, walking, forming groups, ready to help. And somebody said “This is an Oblivia kind of Bauprobe!”. At that moment it hit us for real: We can do it!!