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And so on and so forth

And so on and so forth … The phrase, which suggests that something may continue endlessly … If we have enough imagination … Or is it a metaphor for the tedious repetition of always the same … Or depicts the moment when the mind is so weak and drained that can only sighs “and so on and so forth” … And somewhere here begins our performance. “There is only one really serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide,” says Albert Camus. Nevertheless “Should I kill myself?” this truly essential question remains without any reasonable answer up to date. Why the hell are we then still so passionately in love with Reason?

The performance was the result of cooperation of an international performance company Oblivia and ViaNegativa. What connects both groups is that each of them fosters its unique form of performing, bound to constant reduction to the most basic performing language and strategies of staging. There are also great differences to be noticed between the groups, arising from different creative procedures. Six performers traveling since March on the route Helsinki – Ljubljana searching for stories, images, situations and developing a common performing language.

Premier was 7.12.2015 at Old Power Station, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Produced by Oblivia & ViaNegativa