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Saara Autere

Annika goes Stand-Up

It all started with a mistake, a quite essential one: so stand up is NOT improvised? Too late for this vital information, thank you very much. It is only 20 minutes to go for the first “Annika goes stand up” ever.
Annika goes stand up is not necessarily even funny. Although it can be outrageous and shamefully shameless. It is a journey through the head of Annika taking the pulse of the time here and now. Annika Tudeer, the leading lady of performance company Oblivia did her debut as a stand up comedienne in spring 2016 in Mad House Helsinki. 40 minutes of free association: stories, feminism, neo-liberal bashing, dancing, and no jokes, by the stunning, award-winning performer Annika Tudeer.

Concept, performance: Annika Tudeer
Photos: Saara Autere
Production: Oblivia
Coproduction: Mad House Helsinki