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Annikas Sacre

After the success of the solo Annika does Swanlake, Annika Tudeer, the artistic director and performer in Oblivia is making a solo based on Sacre du Printemps, the Rite of Spring Nijinskys ballet to Stravinskys music. The scandalous ballet with the famous uproar during the premier in 1913 has since then been re-made in a variety of interpretentions.


”It is like having porridge in the morning. At some point you just have to do it. Choreographers do their rite of passage by adding their version of Sacre to the list. We have: Pinas, Maurices, Angelics, Rogers, Teros, She she pops Rite of Spring…etc, now it is time for Annikas Sacre”.

Premier was 10.12 2015 at the national Swedish Theatre, Svenska teatern, in Helsinki. After that Sacre has been performed at Hangö Teaterträff in Hanko, Finland.

Working group:
text, performance: Annika Tudeer
dramaturgy, direction: Timo Fredriksson, Lina Teir
sound: Juuso Voltti
light: Meri Ekola
costume: Tua Helve.
production: Oblivia, Marina Andersson-Rahikka
co-production: Svenska teatern.