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Saara Autere


Oblivia creates their first performance for children and young people. The starting point of the performance is Voltaire’s novel Candide (1759), but as usual in Oblivia’s work, the point of departure will be used in a many-faceted and fun manner.

Candide is surprisingly current today, being the story of a young man who is driven away from his paradise in Westphalia and travels the world, seeing and experiencing atrocities and evil and ending up with his friends to cultivate their garden in Turkey.

The challenge we take on is how to translate this violent (yet light and funny) novel into a performance for a young audience. The feeling of speed and lightness that is inherent in the novel intrigues us and we ask ourselves whether we have progressed very much from the 18th Century.

Performance language: Swedish

Working group

Devising, on stage: Timo Fredriksson, Annika Tudeer
Dramaturgy: Harriet Abrahamsson
Light design: Pekka Pitkänen
Sound design: Markus Heino
Costume: Mi Duncker
Philosophical assistance: Joel Backström
Video: Christopher Hewitt

Collaboration with Ung Dramatik project

The premiere was on the 22nd of March 2017 at Hurraa! Festival in  Mad House Helsinki (Suvilahti, Helsinki).
Technical Rider | Download PDF
Technical Rider, tour version | Download PDF