AAA, aaa, …

Theater Rampe, Stuttgart 2019, 08.30. Photo Yiran Zhao

Yiran Zhao | 2.2.2020



August 2019 Stuttgart

The first time to meet members of Oblivia,
Oblivia, Oblivia, via, via, via.

Annika, Anski, Alice, Meri and Timo, all together, together, together, ther, ther, ther.

Talking, sharing, …


In the middle of the night

Michigan Theater Detroit 2019. Photo Annika Tudeer.

Annika Tudeer | 2.2.2020

“What are you verdrängen, Annika”, asks Alice in one scene that never made it to the performance. She continued explaining the shaming mechanism through the event of a …


Welcome to the Blog!

Att tänka på flygning [To think about flying], Tram Museum, 2000

Annika Tudeer | 17.1.2020

Yes, it is only 20 years ago that Oblivia started out in the Tram Museum in Helsinki, looking for alternative ways of making experimental art together.  The world …


List of Togetherness

Suvilahti, November 2018. Photo Alice Ferl

Alice Ferl | 17.1.2020

Where do we store what we collect when we work collectively?

Making something together that does not belong to one. …