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Invisible Works


Christopher Hewitt and Timo Fredriksson are recreating UK artist Gary Stevens’ Invisible work from 1986. Premiere on October 12th, during MOPMA.

Invisible Work, a two-hander that uses comedy double-acts as a starting-point. It was the first significant performance by Gary Stevens and the start for a 30-year career. His co-performer in the work was Julian Maynard Smith, director Station House Opera.

I have been a great fan of Gary’s work for many years. Although I have never actually saw Invisible Work live, I have been intrigued by it for many years. Some time ago Gary gave me a copy of the original script, which we are now using to recreate the performance. It is a very unusual piece of work, that we are only starting to understand as we work on it.” – Christopher Hewitt

Premiere 12.10.2016 Cirko, Helsinki (Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00530 Helsinki)

Working group: Christopher Hewitt & Timo Fredriksson