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Ka-Boom – MOPMA 3

The third part in the MOPMA series

Oblivia already explored the concepts of reason and emotion twice previously in their Museum of Postmodern Art and Super B. Ka-Boom, the third in the series, was premiered at Helsinki Festival in August 2014.

While the first two installments examined the past and the traces of it left in the present, Ka-Boom travels into the future and turns to look at the present day from this new vantage point. What can be done if everything has already happened?

Ka-Boom premier was at Helsinki Festival 18.-19.8. 2014.
After the premiere, Ka-Boom has been performed at Media Centre Lume in Helsinki and at PATHOS München in Germany.
Performed in English.

Working group:
devising and performing: Timo Fredriksson, Magnus Logi Kristinsson, Anna-Maija Terävä, Annika Tudeer
sound design: Juuso Voltti
light design: Meri Ekola
costumes: Monika Hartl
production: Oblivia, Marina Andersson-Rahikka
co-production with Pathos München, Theaterdiscounter Berlin, TUTKES/Tampere
in co-operation with Helsinki festival & Korjaamo Teatterin Stage-festival

– – –
Technical Rider – All-in-one (Stage, Lighting & Audio Requirements) | Download here >>