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Life Lessons by Oblivia
Credits: Heidi Backström

Life lessons by Oblivia


– 46 things I’ve learnt by watching Oblivia’s performances, talking with the group and working with them

Lesson 1: You are allowed to laugh as much as you want to (as a spectator in a performance).

Lesson 2: (As a spectator) you don’t need to understand or rationalize everything that happens on stage.

Lesson 3: And yet, it all happens for a reason.

Lesson 4: Show your emotions freely (as a spectator of a performance). Don’t ever wait for what might happen next, but laugh, cry, clap your hands together when you feel like it. What’s about to come, will come.

Lesson 5: The best type of humor is to laugh at and with yourself.

Lesson 6: Your taste (as a spectator) will evolve.

Lesson 7: Things (including performance groups) evolve.
(6+7 show that you should try again if you’ve met/tasted/seen something you don’t like)

Lesson 8: It’s as much about the light, sound, space and costume as it is about a single human being (= performer).

Lesson 9: A trio is an ideal for a rock band.

Lesson 10: (Oblivia is a national treasure.) We should take better care of our national treasures.

Lesson 11: The black box is inspiring.

Lesson 12: It’s not about the looks. You can look/be/feel like a fisherman or a librarian and still rock as AC/DC.

Lesson 13: A trilogy is a good length for an artistic study.

Lesson 14: It’s good to have a 5-year-plan.

Lesson 15: It’s good to keep all doors a bit open.

Lesson 16: Sometimes you just need to blow your own trumpet.

Lesson 17: Do what you saw and make it your own.

Lesson 18: Try everything once, even folk dancing.

Lesson 19: If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Carry on.

Lesson 20: Long relationships are to be valued.

Lesson 21: New faces are a must.

Lesson 22: Share the responsibilities.

Lesson 23: Share the glory.

Lesson 24: Always look for the perfect combo. Always.

Lesson 25: In the dictionary you’ll find a link to Oblivia’s work as a definition for charisma.

Lesson 26: Spectacle can be Live Art can be Spectacle.

Lesson 27: Farting is funny.

Lesson 28: Papier Maché is a great safety word.

Lesson 29: Face the unknown. Usually it’s friendly.

Lesson 30: This is all light and easy. It doesn’t mean that unimportant and forgettable.

Lesson 31: Children are radicals.

Lesson 32: More radicals than children are the adults giving the power to the children.

Lesson 33: Adults have the power and they need to use it well.

Lesson 34: Children have power and adults can rejoice in that. 

Lesson 35: We don’t need to understand words, but emotions and/or layers of being, memories and Stimmung.

Lesson 36: Do. Be. Do.

Lesson 37: Improvisation is about trust.

Lesson 38: Everything is about trust.

Lesson 39: Trust is political.

Lesson 40: All art is political.

Lesson 41: The most political art is the sort of art that doesn’t give you answers but raises questions and helps you to think by yourself.

Lesson 42: We are nature.

Lesson 43: How to play a polypore.

Lesson 44: Art is multilingual by its nature.

Lesson 45: All is material.

+ you don’t need to make 50 lessons, you can do 46.

This is what I’ve learned from and with Oblivia during the past 15 years or so.