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Credits: Alice Ferl

List of Togetherness


Where do we store what we collect when we work collectively?

Making something together that does not belong to one.

Is it at all human to be working collectively?

Collective and cooperative. Same thing?



So not efficient sometimes. 

Is the collective history already?

How does working collectively limit individual freedom? 

Humming together. Always works somehow. 

Hating each other. Badly sometimes.   

Let´s come together. Right now. Oh yeah. In sweet harmony. 

The collective is the biggest lie of the 21st century. 

Have Faith, people! Have faith!  

Collective imagination. Collective subconscious. 

A group is a very good place to hide. 

Working collectively can kill a friendship. Or two. 

Precarious teamwork. 

Isn’t it way too cosy?