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Saara Autere

No(s) Futurs

No(s) Futurs deals with the children’s visions of the future, written and performed by children! No(s) Futurs is created in collaboration with Finnish live art collective Oblivia and Théâtre Nouvelle Generation (TNG), Lyon and director Joris Mathieu together with a group of five Finnish 11-13 year old children.

The performance was created in an international workshop for children and youngsters from Brazil, Romania and Finland taking place in Lyon. After the workshop the Finnish children built their own future world into a performance. The performance is based on the work in the workshops and Oblivias working methods.

Working group:
Directing: Oblivia | Timo Fredriksson and Anna-Maija Terävä
Performers: Amos Korkeamäki, Matilda Korkeamäki, Marie Bergholm, Max Uusitalo, Victor Lietz
Sound design: Markus Heino | Light design: Pekka Pitkänen | Video: Markus Heino & Siegfried Marque
Théâtre Nouvelle Generation (TNG), Lyon: Joris Mathieu and team

Performance language: multilingual

The premiere was on the 18th of March 2017 at Hurraa! Festival in Mad House Helsinki (Suvilahti, Helsinki).