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Words for Oblivia


whenever I have trouble organizing my thoughts clearly on the stage or on the paper I start to collage and see if I can visualize certain connections. 
Richard Foreman has, on his website a tab called notebooks – these are free form Automatic writings in which he presents small snack-sized portions of text which are on offer to anyone who cares to eat them

Credits: Jessie Mariano
Credits: Jessie Mariano

I am not particularly good at writing text – I’m much more of a visual thinker so I find the act of
assembling a collage a kind of automatic writing.
when I begin a new piece I comb through my personal archive of photos, clippings, graffiti etc.
and see if I can draw a few points of connection to start a seedling of an idea
Then I go outside to smoke a cigarette
It has gotten quite cold since the sun fell below the horizon

Credits: Jessie Mariano
Credits: Jessie Mariano