October Flashback

Fabric tests for Ka-Boom in Tutke 2014
At Bunker Theater Ljubljana 2014
Rigging lights in Ljubljana 2014
Costume fitting for Verdrängen Stuttgart 2020
Watching video of rehearsals in Berlin 2014
Programming the sound Stuttgart 2020
Rehearsing Entertainment Island I Glasgow 2009
Rehearsal stage in Eskus (Performance Center) 2014

Creating performances on stage requires a lot of skill from many fields, most of it very hands-on and technical. Hence the ultimate one that guides and unifies them all is the skill to imagine; how will a certain fabric react to a certain light, how the space will feel like when the curtains are pulled over the windows, how are the light elements placed on stage, how the actions are rescaled from rehearsal space to a real stage and how does this all look from the outside.