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Credits: TLF

Obsessions Diary

#musictheater #obsessions

Dear Reader!

As you know, the Obsessions Bremen version had its successful premier in February, against all odds (c-word). This was thanks to all the wonderful people in the first place but also thanks to a bit of good luck. Now the work is out in the world and is starting its own life and this always gives me a bit of a melancholy feeling. I know we are going to meet again in the autumn for some more work and a new premiere in Wuppertal, but still one chapter in our relationship is over for good.

In order not to get too sad about this I like to imagine what the Obsessions might be doing right now. I can see it in Teneriffa. It’s walking down the street towards the beach and the Atlantic. It’s only ten o’clock in the morning so there’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air before returning to the hotel for lunch (all-inclusive; four meals a day plus free drinks and snacks). Not too bad, good choice, Obsessions!

While Obsessions is having a good time in Teneriffa and Oblivia is concentrating on other projects at the moment, I thought it might be fun to share with you a short snippet of text from the very early stage of Obsessions process. The text ended up in the final piece in a much modified form but here is the version from the archive.  

Tale of the Obsessionist

I have been collecting obsessions for as long as I can remember. At first they looked like toys for everyone else but I knew…

Later…Art! “Oh, such a wonderful hobby” they all thought but I knew…

Can there ever be enough obsessions?

I kept finding them everywhere and I put them in my rucksack and took them with me.

Some of them were small, some were big, but in the end they filled my room and I had to leave.

I was a man now, a man with many obsessions. A man who had to buy more rucksacks so that all his obsessions would have somewhere to stay.