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Credits: Anna-Maija Terävä

Obsessions Diary


Different ways of writing. Loads of writing. Writing as part of making sense of the growing understanding of what we are dealing with. Here are some examples. The famous lists on the wall in the material gathering phase, but also some more intricate underlying texts.

In the Obsessions process we have seen new sides of each other. Tua Helve is revealed as the poet in the “on the spot” process of writing that we have been doing together. This entry is from December 2020. 

Tua Helve

Obsessions haikus and tankas

My obsessions linger between

exhaustion and

how did they say it

Luke-warm intensely nothing

Inconvenience in a lame way

Show myself in a

new font round but light

Read me this way as I feel

Why does it become

so pathetic so easily so 

Why where is the joy the strength

the busy prickliness and breeze

Tease out the marvel and bow

Obsession I pity you

you bore me we travel and die

unpack iron clean and go

Exercise, excel 

ex All obsessions marching by

Change me if you can

Cherry-cake fake flight

quiver in the springy fresh air

Fair enough, faint away

Do your trick and don’t come back

Rain down now, then dance

Passion Fashion Wine Sex Lust

Looks Appearances Flashy Mag Girl

Never stop More Always More

Doesn’t go further why so Stop

Must be broken the system sucks