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Credits: Drawing by Annika based on group discussion.

Obsessions Diary


Having just finished our latest Obsessions rehearsal period mid-May, I wanted to dedicate this blog entry for time. Time – abundance and lack of it!

However, in performance making, it is not only time but also, and more so, time in relation with what happens around it, with it. In Paul Allain’s preface to The Art of Rehearsal. Conversations with Contemporary Theatre Makers (2017, edited by Barbara Simonsen), time is entwined with ‘a team’ and ‘trust’. These ‘three Ts’ are referred to as ‘fundamental’ for the interviewed theatre-makers. The Ts – time, together with a team and trust – are innate for Oblivia’s way of working as well (see previous posts, e.g., about Trust in June 2020). 

Pausing to muse on this once again I realized, for me, trust encapsulates time and the team; the team gives rise to trust; the team need to trust in time. To illuminate this, the ‘fundamentals’ of working with Oblivia, I chose snapshots from the ongoing Obsessions process:

Snapshot 1. Trust – points on paper will become a performance – Please see the drawing above.

Snapshot 2. Time – to fool around (and) to create serious material – Annika and Timo at Eskus.

Credits: Tua Helve.

Snapshot 3. Team – always kept on board – Annika chatting with Meri (Brussels), Alice (Düsseldorf) and Yiran (Stuttgart/Berlin) via Zoom, Anski preparing to record the rehearsals.

Credits: Tua Helve.