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Credits: Oblivia. Annika, Anski and Timo doing Caesar-run during a run through.

Obsessions Diary


It has been an exceptionally hot, beautiful and dry summer. Long days of doing nothing in particular at the summer cottage, surrounded by nature and the life on a farm where we are staying. The work is staying in town or even somewhere further away, sleeping. The days follow each other filled with sweet idleness, acting upon one’s own impulses as they happen to come, lying in the hammock in the shade, walking down to the beach to swim in the unbelievably warm water. And still a few more days of this to come, but… Woke up to a roaring thunder and blinding lightnings and the sound of a waterfall coming from the roof. Started looking for our cat and found her finally downstairs, hiding in a corner under the sofa. The sirens of fire engines screaming in the distance, the forest  or somebody’s home was burning. The flowers that had survived the drought were now being washed away and beaten down by the torrent from the sky. It was clearly time to say goodbye to life in the countryside, the friendly cows and the cosy outhouse. It was time to head back to the city and start running up and down the streets and staircases again. 

When the thunder storm had blown past I gently packed the cat in the rucksack and started walking towards the train station. Already comfortably sitting in the train it suddenly hit me; the Obsessions beast was awake. It had been growing all the while and was now hungry! It was summoning its slaves back to work. Ahead of us is waiting non stop full on toil until the premiere in february and beyond. It’s getting serious now! No more fun playing around. Just keep on running with light steps and opening those doors, searching until we have it.