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Credits: Anna-Maija Terävä

Obsessions Diary

For our October Obsessions Diary I wanted to present a few photos taken in August 2021 in Eskus, Helsinki and excerpts from texts written in April, 2021. Both the photos and texts have been born when working with the first part of Obsessions that we used to call “bloody”.

In the photos Annika and Timo are improvising with the topic of ‘non-human objects’ and experimenting with the costume prototypes designed and made by costume designer Tua Helve.

The excerpts are from texts written spontaniosly in an on-line working session aiming to share our images of athmospheres in this first part of the performance.

"...Simple in movement, static bodies, postures, statue like, perhaps walking, changing places, everyone has an inner knowledge and not needing to be so much in contact with the others, head very still and determined. Time and space to contemplate, to sink into, to look, to look the detail of the costume, to ask the question, to make connections, is there hierarchical structures present? Cesar? Before the dictator falls..."


Imaginary surreal unknown space
offensive, now and then
Can't see clearly, can't hear clearly
Fluffy airbag
tentative steps, slowly
unknowable scream and noise
Look around
Blood and hormones in the air
can smell but not completely visible"

"Threath; it´s going to explode, sooner or later. It´s basically random but if you don´t behave it´s going to get you-very quickly.
Obey the rules, dress properly, know your place, don´t challenge it seriously and you´re ok until the big explosion.
doesn´t negotiate
bullying as main occupation
big hats
road blocks"