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Mikko Bredenberg

Performer 2016–19

Mikko is an artist-researcher, actor and theatre director. He holds a Doctor of Arts in Theatre and Drama from University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy. Mikko has been working as an actor and theatre director in institutional theatres and independent performing art groups. As an actor he has also worked in radio plays and in television and movie productions.

Marina Andersson-Rahikka

Production & tour manager 2007–2017

Juuso Voltti

Sound designer 2008–16

Magnus Logi Kristinsson

Performer 2005-07; 2014–2016

Eija Mäkivuoti

Promotional photography, live performance documentation, communication and web coordination 2003 – 2014

Anna Krzystek (1968–2017)

Founding member, performer 2000–13

Anna, a Glasgow based performer and choreographer, worked with Oblivia  2000–13 devising, developing and performing the work.

A tribute to Anna Krzystek by Creative Scotland

Stella Parland (1974-2015)

Founding member, performer, dramaturg 2000–2005

Stella, writer, critic and dada genius worked as a performer during Oblivia’s first year and moved onto being the outside eye and dramaturg for Oblivia until 2005.