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Credits: Jörg Landsberg. Obsessions at Theater Bremen, 2022. Left: Karin Enzler, Alice Ferl, Matthieu Svetchine, Annika Tudeer, Nerita Nerita Pokvytyte.

Big and small at the same time

#collectivework #guestwriter

Physical direction, working in a collective, and the form and content of emotions A conversation between Anna Teuwen and Annika Tudeer about the past, present and future of Oblivia. Anna Teuwen is a dramaturg at Kampnagel in Hamburg, and a… Read more

Credits: Alice Ferl

working together apart in space


One of the key necessities to develop together in Oblivia always has been: spending time together in the same space. Enough of it. Physically. In the studio, some rehearsal stage or stage, in the kitchen during breaks, on the… Read more

Credits: Anna-Maija Terävä

Beautiful Blur


When working in Oblivia the amount of the elements sometimes exceeds my scope. When trying to focus on what is essential, it seems like there is often something clear and sharp in the middle but also a lot of… Read more

Credits: Meri Ekola



3, 2, 1 lift-off, a new Oblivia production has started! We are ready to dwell into everyone’s dreams, fears and wishes, we talk and talk, write, talk more, share our writings, improvise together with movement and sound, listen to… Read more

Credits: A still image from a documentation filmed by Christopher Hewitt.

On Improvisation

#collectivework #dowhatyousaw

In this text I will try and describe some elements of improvisation in Oblivia. I don’t try to grab on improvisation as an art form or sort out different performance practices related to for example dance or theater improvisation.… Read more

On Sharing

#collectivework #videos

Tua Helve, costume designer, and Meri Ekola, light designer, discuss on sharing. Recorded at Pact Zollverein, Esssen, Germany in 2018.

On Collectivity

#collectivework #videos

Annika Tudeer and Christian Koch. A discussion on collectivity, Pact Zollverein, Essen, Germany 2018.