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The Rave – MOPMA 4

It is over and high time to put postmodernism in a museum thought Oblivia and started the performance series Museum of Postmodern Art in 2012. The performances MOPMA 1, Super B and Ka-boom deal with postmodernity and existence from different perspectives.

MOPMA 4- the Rave is one take on postmodernism in a live streamed performance.

The concept: Oblivia is having a rave in an adjacent studio. This is streamed to the hosting venue. The stream is accompanied with a special audio.

In MOPMA 4 – the Rave we were asking ourselves: what is the performance of the future? We thought about different ways of connecting with eachother and the audience and came up with a live-stream rave.

Premiere was 10.10.2015 at Mad House, in Helsinki.
The Rave has been streamed/performed also at Helsinki Festival in Kiasma, Te Uru Contemporary Gallery, Titirangi in Auckland.

Please contact us if you are interested in organising a special rave. You need a projector, space for a life size projection and loudspeakers for the audio.

Working group:
Meri Ekola, Timo Fredriksson, Christopher Hewitt, Anna-Maija Terävä, Annika Tudeer, Juuso Voltti.
producer: Marina Andersson-Rahikka.
production: Oblivia, Mad House.