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Obsessions Diary

#musictheater #obsessions

We are in Theater Bremen!

We are working! We are having fun and enjoying ourselves in the big theater. We love our
team and our studio has daylight. What more can one ask for?

That Obsessions will be coming up in a theater next to you. Of course.

Here are some snap shots from our first days together with Matthieu, Karin, Nerita, Maríam,
Timo and me.

Matthieu singing under Maríams direction. Credits Oblivia.
Nerita and Maríam in the sun. Credits Oblivia.
Timo showing off his golden sandals. Credits Oblivia.
Statues. Credits Karin Enzler.
In the Mirror. Credits Karin Enzler.
Diana. Credits Karin Enzler.
Classic Grape Pose. Credits Karin Enzler.
Timo. Credits Karin Enzler.