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Credits: Anna-Maija Terävä

Obsession Diary


In a theater

a woman is singing,
The voice comes to me, like
The most condensed air I ever inhaled
Another one is echoing,
They sing about a mountain,
That was too high to climb,
Even for a goat

I am charmed

They wear capes,
colored like grapes,
You know,
That burst in your mouth
When you bite

The intense notes pour through,
Stream under my skin
Make me mellow,
my outline feels weak,
and yet, I feel strong
and I stop
i stop not-to-move

I give in
I move
I am moved
I am being moved
Let me move
In a theater

The song
Is an expansion
Is an oscillation
Between me and
The capes
And the humans inside
and the humans
humans inside