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Credits: “We are the Followers of Ø” «Fol-lo fol-lo!»



Keywords: Capitalocene, Leftist Melancholy, the Cult of Vulnerability, Eschatology, Growth of Occultism.

Puh! That was emotional!

We just finished filming “The Followers of Ø, part two” on the meadow in Olsäter in Sweden.

I am Trond Reinholdtsen. I am the opera director of the famous opera house “The Norwegian Opra”. The rest of the crew was Snorre Hvamen, Tobais Schülke, Sara Li Stensrud, Kai Johnsen, Øystein Hvamen Rasmussen and Hild Borchgrevink.

You have all surely been wondering: What did happen with the “Followers of Ø” after the film “The Followers of Ø, part one”? ttps://youtu.be/qK0cnhSWCFU

“The Followers of Ø” have seen all episodes of the opera series “Ø” produced by The Norwegian Opra: www.thenorwegianopra.no. The Followers are members of an idealized audience-precariat-proletariat, who have taken upon themselves to transform the message of “Ø” into praxis in the world.

In the film “Followers of Ø, part one” the Followers of Ø gathered on a meadow in Sweden to form a group of “world-historical, empirically universal individuals”. In the film “Followers of Ø, part two” the Followers of Ø continue building their utopian Prepper-Operndorf. It will be premiered at the SPOR-festival in Denmark on the 9th Sep 2021.

Here is a short summary:

(Please see also the first picture above)

«We continue building!»
“Lager! Lager!”
“Storage house for popcorn”
„Far away from the grauschwarzen Ödnis!
Far away from the Wrath, the Pest!
Far away from the Civilization with its sophists and its flows of capitalist production.
From distractions, addictions and constantly new Pandemics!“
“Outside our Prepper-Opera-Bunker: Death is rising from within and desire itself becomes the death instinct: Flows of property that is sold, flows of money that circulates, flows of production and means of production making ready in the shadows, flows of workers being deterritorialized.” (“Therefore we have built the Outdoor-Aircondition-Weather-Generator”)
„Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja!“
Three Arias on texts by Mark Fischer: „The affects that predominate in late capitalism are fear and cynicism“
“We have built the Cinema!”
“We have seen all episodes of Ø”
«This is the latest episode of Ø. Episode 17”
“Ø episode 17! With the Blob.”
“ein reiner Dieser
“reines Dieses”
 «Das Hier
“Das Jeztz!»
«We are the Aufhebung of Ø!”
«Seid umschlungen Millionen!»
«We are the Followers of Ø!»
“Militants of Truth!”
«The Musicologists and hermeneutics and whatnots haben Ø nur verschieden interpretiert; es kommt aber darauf an, die Welt zu verändern»
“Anyone who descends from contemplation of Ø to the imperfections of human life, will still be blinded and unaccustomed to the surrounding darkness.”
“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations. And lo, Ø is with you alway, even unto the end of the world.”
“Ø is theory. Isolated in a cellar. Followers of Ø is praxis. We go with our boat, through the canal, to the whole world!”
«Ja Ja Ja!!!»
«Ja! Ja! Ja!!!»
«Ozeanisches Gefühl»

All photos by Trond Reinholdtsen